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Gig Reviews

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Mad King Ludwig & The Mojo Co. at The Duke - 7 October 2017

Dead Man's Corner at The Whitstable Oyster Festival - 26 July 2015

The Blue Devils at The New Inn, Whitstable - 13 June 2015

Dead Man's Corner at The Duke - 29 March 2015

Ella Morgan at The Wall Tavern - 27 July 2014

6FOOT3 at The Duke - 27 March 2014

Trixie Lectric at The Black Griffin - 12 august 2013

Men With Ven at The Duke - 8 August 2013

Rosco Levee & The Southern Slide  at The Black Griffin - 6 July 2013

An Evening with Steve Boltz Bolton at St Mary's Hall, Whitstable - 16 March 2013

Davey Ralph & The Road Band at The Old Neptune, Whitstable - 17 February 2013

Stormy Mondayat The Old Neptune, Whitstable - 12 January 2013

Steve Bolton & The New White Trash - The Fountain - 16 November 2012

Steve Boltz Bolton at The Pearson's Arms, Whitstable - 2 October 2012

The Blue Devils at The Two Brewers, Whitstable - 9 September 2012

The Nagasaki 3 at The Old Neptune - 8 September 2012

We Ghosts at The Pearson's Arms, Whitstable - 2 September 2012

Jim Leverton & Geoffrey Richardson - Coach & Horses, Whitstable - 5 August 2012


Album Reviews

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"Final Approach To Home" - Rosco Levee & The Southern Slide

"Life" - Richard Studholme


X-Bands - Bands That Are No More

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