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The Blue Devils

The Two Brewers, Whitstable, Sunday 9th September 2012


The thing I like most about The Blue Devils is that they have deep roots in the blues (the clue's in the name!) which they play with passion and sincerity.


As they say on their website, they also play 'Swamp, Zydeco, R & B and well, songs'  - and what fine songs! Being able to turn their hands to country rock, Dylan, Beatles and much more besides. By mixing these different styles they deliver a great night out with top of the range playing and good humour.

The Blue Devils At The Two Brewers, Whitstable

The band is fronted by Richard Studholme an excitingly skilled guitar player with long experience of blues playing in particular, having played and recorded with several of the ‘greats’ in that field. On  terrific bass is Jim Leverton, yes that Jim Leverton who has played  with so many famous bands and on so many records he must have lost count himself by now!…Tom Jaworski’s fluid and focussed guitar playing and soloing enriches the band, and drum duties are performed with excellence by Graham Walker, another stalwart and veteran of the blues and rock world who has recorded and toured with many superstars.


Declaring himself to be "In a Dylan mood" Richard sang some fine versions of the great man’s songs at the beginning of the gig including Like A Rolling Stone…"I forgot a verse!" he said when it finished … who wouldn’t? [even Bob]…there’s a lot of them! But as with all The Blue Devils music each song is performed with feeling, superb  playing and commitment.


Then it was on with the show as they drew from their deep well of songs, including after an audience request a sequence of good old rock’n’roll which got The Two Brewers crowd up and dancing. This was followed by some intricate Beatles songs including a beautiful ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ .


A storming version of Lazy Lester’s Sugar Coated Love received enthusiastic applause. Towards the end of the gig Aloma was persuaded to join the band for a couple of numbers, with a voice straight out of the blues & soul tradition when she sang Rock Me Baby I’m sure Tina Turner and Etta James would have approved! … we certainly did, and the crowd left happy and satisfied after a night of stirring and involving music from such a tight and professional band…thanks again Blue Devils !


Submitted by Nigel


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