From 1st January 2024, LocalnLive listings will appear on



Same bands, same venues, same 97.7% accuracy - but on

Bandbase is run by the famous Lee Wilson, and rather than compete, I think it's better to recognise the benefits they have that I don't. For example, bands & venues can manage their pages directly, so late changes / bookings / cancellations can be added in real time.


Many bands and some venues already use bandbase, and Ace Giggs will be simply adding all the free gigs for those that don't yet use it, in Canterbury, Whitstable, Herne Bay, Faversham* and around. You'll still get all the gigs in one place - and bandbase can send you a listings email each week for your area, if you want that, or even advise you of new gigs from your favourite band or venue.

*Faversham listings are not complete, but Ace will add all those that he's aware of.

Band Pages

These pages will still be localnlive, providing information, listing videos, and (where the band wishes) giving contact details. There are also links to each Band's Facebook page and website.

Venue Pages

These pages will tell you more about the venue, if they've provided information.

Review Pages

They're still be here, and I'm still happy to receive new reviews.


We've lost some great bands over recent years ... but they aren't forgotten.


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