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Ace Giggs - A Man With A Hat*

Band Pages

These pages will still be localnlive, providing information, listing videos, and (where the band wishes) giving contact details. Some band pages will give details of upcoming gigs on ENTS24. There are also links to each Band's Facebook page and website.

Venue Pages

Some venue pages will give details of upcoming gigs on ENTS24, which then provides the info to Ace automatically.


Please note that gig information will not be comprehensive unless the band/venue maintains their page at ENTS24. You may need to encourage them - or offer to do it for them!

Review Pages

They're still be here, and I'm still happy to receive new reviews.


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PS, Special thanks to Nigel, who has helped in many ways; Thanks to the bands, many of which keep me in their loop, and not forgetting the venues, who (mostly) are both helpful and generous (you know who you are!).


And a wee tribute to Mike of the Neppy, who shared his knowledge of pubs and bands - and gave me some useful tips. His support in the early days made a big difference. Thanks, Mike.


*A Trilby, usually.

Landlords! Get a listing like this on your Venue Page:

The Old Neptune
Neppy Sunday gigs start at 18.00


HOT TIP - it takes a few minutes a month to update your listing; publicly available at ENTS24, and shown here. Get one of your regulars to do it for you!
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