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Steve Bolton & The New White Trash

The Fountain, Sittingbourne, Friday 16th November 2012


Well it wasn’t quite Local but it certainly was Live!


Travelling two stops up the line to The Fountain (next to Sittingbourne station) to see Steve Bolton & The New White Trash was very much worth the extra trek .


Yes, it was loud and proud, but I’m sure if asked nicely they’d turn it down a tad for those nice Whitstable venues !… who other than the Neppie just don’t seem to know what they’re missing. Meanwhile the rest of Kent and beyond keep Steve and the band increasingly busy.


At The Fountain they were on outstanding form as they hurtled like a high speed train through epic & glorious sonic scenarios. Still reverberating through my synapses is their fantastic version of Neil Young’s Like A Hurricane which was presented at such a high standard of excellence that I felt honoured to hear it. Who else but this band would also include in their set The Monkees, I’m Not Your Stepping Stone? which when filtered through their powerful and ingenious playing became a sinuous, writhing thing of beauty.


Song after song, after song, maintained these heights including naturally Eight Miles High and a resounding Lust For Life. Their set also includes at the moment a show stopping version of Ghost Riders In The Sky (see video on Steve’s page) complete with “Yippee ay o” crowd responses being exchanged with the band. For a while the packed Fountain became an atmospheric Honky Tonk Saloon hosting the best band in the county!


"He makes it look so easy" Andrew said, and it’s true that ‘Boltz’ has a supremely confident elegance in the way chords and riffs tumble out relentlessly arranging themselves into scintillating patterns. This was an audience that knew and appreciated quality rock music and showed their enthusiasm with close attention, non stop dancing, and lots of applause. Where else could you have heard the spirit of some amazing hybrid of Neil Young & Jimi Hendrix being channelled to such superb effect ?…but Steve is his own man though and with his fine band brings his own inimitable style and grace to the music.


They also have their own material, and for me the stand out number was Go For Broke which can also be seen amongst the videos on Steve’s page. So Whitstable venues, with the finest providers of skilled, classic rock, and their own original material, all with an avant garde and modern feel, right on our own doorstep, it’s time to book ’em now !… the punters will flood in and we’ll all have a great night!


Many thanks to Steve and the band for a night to remember and cherish.


Submitted by Nigel


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