Style Guide

Local & Live welcomes contributions; in particular, bands and venues are invited to personalise their pages. This style guide describes the site's general policies on how information is presented. Please note the emphasis on 'guide'!!



L&L adds videos so that site visitors can get an idea of the band before choosing a gig. Once we have a video, we'll create a page, and all L&L videos of the band will be added to that page.


What will be listed?

On the front page, we list local & live music events that have no admission fee, up to two months ahead. So that excludes paid-for gigs, DJs, karaoke, comedy and movies from the front page (but not from band / venue pages).

The area covered by the site is broadly the Canterbury City Council area; the three towns - Canterbury, Whitstable, Herne Bay - plus the surrounding villages.

Canterbury, Whitstable, Herne Bay area

Bands and venues may include anything, within reason, on their own pages; far ahead gigs, karaoke, sport, food .....



Pictures can add a lot of information for someone flipping through the site; pictures of venues are good, pictures of a band / singer can be very effective. As a general policy, we prefer photos of people performing, as it gels with our 'live' approach.

Pick a selection of images, so we can choose one that fits the page: we reserve the right to edit and resize. But the priority is gig listings - pictures that banish vital text out of sight are inappropriate.


Please note: pictures are accepted on the basis that you own the rights, and you are granting us a license to use them. One reason we avoid 'staged' photographs (besides the fact they're boring), is that their copyright owners are much more likely to protect their rights than an amateur catching a great shot of a band at the local; chances are, he or she will be happy to see the pic online (with due credit, of course, where requested).