Department of Teaching Grandmother To Suck EggsTips for Bands & Singers


No, I'm not telling you your job - I wouldn't know where to start! But I have seen a lot of bands, and each of these tips would help at least one of them.


These are a few tips on how to get the best out of LocalnLive - and may help in your marketing!


  1. Personalise your page - Once there's a L&L video, then we'll create a page. Once created, the page is YOURS, and I'm happy to put extras on it (but do remember it's a family-friendly site!). Pictures, history, contact details, links to your facebook page - whatever; use that space.
  2. Give me contact details, so venues can find you.
    I tour all the pubs every few weeks, and without fail, at least one has a blank sheet or a cancellation, and needs to find a band or six. I have no desire to get involved in bookings - you or your agent do that - but I'm happy to give out information that may get you a booking. You might consider adding that info to your page, that's up to you. But if I have it, I may be able to get your foot in the door!
  3. Describe yourselves!
    Send us a paragraph that describes your music - useful for music lovers, useful for venues looking for new bands!
  4. Send us a logo - create that unique ID for posters etc.
  5. Are You  on Facebook? - If I haven't added a link to your page, do let me know!
  6. Make sure I have your best video - especially if the band has changed, or you're doing new stuff. If you're gigging somewhere that has good lighting and great sound, invite me along with my Trusty Sony!
  7. Add a new song at least once a year (!) - Nothing kills bookings quicker than people saying "They do the same set every time".


There'll be more - I'm still learning!